Air quality matters
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WHO released New Air Quality Guidelines. After more than 15 years the WHO released New Air Quality Guidelines with reduced limits for PM2.5, PM10, NO2, O3, SO2, CO.

Precision and measuring accuracy are and will become even more important than ever. No problem for our devices, especially our EN 16450 approved Fidas® 200 and MCERTS certified AQ Guard Ambient , using optical light scattering on individual particles.

Figure: Overview of the old and new limit values.

However, the guidelines issued by the WHO are merely recommendations. Legally binding limit values are the task of the legislators. The EU intends to discuss possible changes to the existing regulations by the fall of 2022. The EU Parliament already demanded in March 2021 that the responsible EU Commission should orient itself to the new WHO guideline values.

Be ready for the future.

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