Off to new adventures! Palas technology in Antarctica

Our Cloud Droplet Analyzer has already begun it’s long journey in August. By plane to Finland and from there by ship to Argentina to finally land in Antarctica afew weeks ago. Our colleague Ann-Kathrin Goßmann also made the long journey from Karlsruhe to the Argentinean research station Marambio. Now she finally arrived on Saturday to install our instruments and to supervise the measurement campaign from our side.

The Cloud Droplet Analyzer is part of a research campaign of the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) with the goal to investigate meteorological questions. The air pollution in Antarctica is very low, therefore topics related to climate change, the creation of climate models and answering questions about interactions between warming and cooling of the atmosphere can be researched here. The composition of droplets and aerosols in the air, which particles are found in Antarctica, in which concentration and in which size are investigated.

In addition to the Cloud Droplet Analyzer, an ENVI-CPC is also on site to measure even the smallest particles.

More about the preparations, what is happening on site and the first measurement results will follow soon. We are excited!


Picture 1: Marambio, Antarctica

Picture 2: Flight to Marambio

Picture 3/ 4: Station

Picture 5/6: Last preparations

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