Installation & volcano sightseeing
Lava field

Nine AQ Guard Smart are now installed on the island to measure the air quality. We can see the results in time via our data platform MyAtmosphere.

Sometimes we are closer to the volcano, sometimes further away. By car we drive over the island, see the smoking volcano, and the large field of lava.

Today we were at a school, where we measure the air quality in the building. The last device was installed at a mobile measuring bus near the volcano, where the measurement values were the highest so far. The residents take the danger differently – some of them walk relaxed without mask, but many with. Because of Corona or the volcano? We don’t know… But the fact is: The streets have to be cleared of ash every single day.

Our conclusion after two days: We got to know many roofs of La Palma, the installation of our AQ Guard Smart went smoothly and the biggest problem that came up was the lack of extension cables. In the evening, our throats are scratchy and our eyes are burning, but we are satisfied that we can contribute with our devices to better assess the air quality on the island.

We are going to have a snack now and then we take a look at the volcano from the proximity… Tomorrow we start the homeward journey, if the volcano permits it. Because the wind has turned.

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