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Palas GmbH is a leading global manufacturer of high-precision measurement technology. With its new cloud-based data platform MyAtmosphere, company headquartered in Karlsruhe/Germany offers a modern and smart management system for air quality data. In combination with the new measuring device AQ Guard Smart, MyAtmosphere enables the simple collection, analysis and reporting of air quality data.

No matter the purpose or area, air quality can be measured and monitored: The MyAtmosphere data platform visualizes measurement results intuitively and in real time. This allows necessary and sensible measures to be derived quickly.

From measurements in inner-city areas for monitoring air pollution at traffic junctions and construction sites, to observations of the air quality of industrial plants, landfills or in open pit mining: the combination of the state-of-the-art data management platform MyAtmosphere with the innovative AQ Guard Smart makes this new Palas® solution a powerful tool for a wide range of applications. Additional measurement sensors can be easily connected to the data platform so that, for example, weather data can also be incorporated into MyAtmosphere.

Even in the event of natural disasters, such as the volcanic eruption on the Canary Island of La Palma, the environmental measurement system is suitable for protecting the population from the invisible, toxic substances in the air. It gives local authorities a comprehensive overview of the quality of the air and allows them to derive targeted measures such as curfews.

“Our devices have the necessary precision to provide our customers with reliable data as a basis for decision-making. After all, it’s about our health,” explains Dr. Maximilian Weiß, CEO of Palas GmbH. “With MyAtmosphere, we have a comprehensive environmental measurement system to evaluate data even better and derive appropriate measures to protect people and the environment.”

Users can retrieve most accurate measurement results, which are recorded and visualized online without delay. Email alerts can be triggered when limit values are exceeded. In addition, the platform makes it possible to create application-specific dashboards. An API interface is also possible, making it easy to integrate the data platform into existing processes.

AQ Guard Smart for challenging locations
The AQ Guard Smart is specifically designed for monitoring in challenging environments such as construction sites, industrial plants or open pit mining. The device can be mounted on a tripod, pole or wall. The AQ Guard Smart is available in two different versions: with fine dust sensor or with fine dust and gas sensors for CO, O3, SO2 and NO2.

Air pollution is often underestimated
The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that air pollution causes seven million premature deaths worldwide each year and makes many more people ill. It affects the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system, the fetal organism and neurological development in childhood and old age.

At the same time, many people underestimate how much damage air pollution causes; not only to humanity, but also to the environment. Among other things, it has now been proven that particulate matter also promotes glacier melt.

We have the best combination of device and platform on offer for you. With the purchase of an AQ Guard Smart, you receive the data platform 24
months free of charge (for initial device registration prior to 09/30/2022). Email for further information:

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