Fine Dust Measurements during demolition and dismantling work

Following successful pilot projects in several German cities, SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS GmbH and Palas GmbH are expanding their partnership cooperation to include the area of outdoor air measurements Karlsruhe/Longuich. Together, SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS and Palas® help to control possible impairments caused by fine dust from construction, demolition or dismantling work. This enables more effective and (energy-) […]

Off to new adventures! Palas technology in Antarctica

Our Cloud Droplet Analyzer has already begun it’s long journey in August. By plane to Finland and from there by ship to Argentina to finally land in Antarctica afew weeks ago. Our colleague Ann-Kathrin Goßmann also made the long journey from Karlsruhe to the Argentinean research station Marambio. Now she finally arrived on Saturday to […]

MCERTS approval

AQ Guard Smart, the latest air quality measurement system from Palas GmbH for monitoring fine particulate matter and four gaseous pollutants, received MCERTS approval as an Indicative Ambient Particulate Monitor on June 24, 2022. The measurement system with optional gas sensor technology was specially developed for demanding environmental conditions and is particularly suitable for smart […]

Sahara Dust on La Palma

Welcome Calima! Just three weeks after the volcano in La Palma finally calmed down, the island is exposed to the next massive fine dust event. Winds from storm Calima bring HUGE amounts of Sahara dust to the island. Just as predicted from local authority AEMET, you could see the increase in real-time on our MyAtmosphere […]

A Television Crew was in the House

Today, once again, a television crew visited our company. For once, it was not about testing protective masks, but about our Air Quality project on La Palma. The colleagues told about their experiences on the island, how they installed the nine AQ Guard Smart and how the local authorities are now dealing with the measurement […]

The media report on our mission

CEO Dr. Maximilian Weiß would have preferred to be on site long ago. After seeing the first pictures of the active Cumbre Vieja, he had the reflex to react very quickly. Some of our colleagues from Karlsruhe will fly to the island next week to carry out exact measurements. Supporting the local authorities we will […]

Air quality matters

WHO released New Air Quality Guidelines. After more than 15 years the WHO released New Air Quality Guidelines with reduced limits for PM2.5, PM10, NO2, O3, SO2, CO.

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