Air Quality at Stockholm Cruise Port

At the beginning of 2022, the Stockholm Port Authority decided to investigate emissions from cruise ships docked at Stadsgården. The ships are not connected to the power grid during their stay of at least 24 hours and have to generate their own electricity via diesel generators on board. The compact measuring device for determining ambient […]

MCERTS approval

AQ Guard Smart, the latest air quality measurement system from Palas GmbH for monitoring fine particulate matter and four gaseous pollutants, received MCERTS approval as an Indicative Ambient Particulate Monitor on June 24, 2022. The measurement system with optional gas sensor technology was specially developed for demanding environmental conditions and is particularly suitable for smart […]

Meet us at the TiefbauLIVE

The TiefbauLIVE will take place in Karlsruhe from May 5-7, 2022 – and we will take place with our environmental measurement system MyAtmosphere. Based on measurements with proven Palas® fine dust measuring devices such as the AQ Guard Smart, which was developed for use on construction sites, the cloud-based data platform for air quality enables […]

Air Quality Measurement

Palas GmbH is a leading global manufacturer of high-precision measurement technology. With its new cloud-based data platform MyAtmosphere, company headquartered in Karlsruhe/Germany offers a modern and smart management system for air quality data. In combination with the new measuring device AQ Guard Smart, MyAtmosphere enables the simple collection, analysis and reporting of air quality data. […]

Our La Palma Travel Report

Huge ash clouds, a constant column of smoke over Cumbre Vieja and permanent uncertainty as to how the volcano will behave next: this has long become normality for the inhabitants of La Palma. Periodically, the airport is closed and residents are told to stay in their homes and wear masks outside – for fear of […]

A short resumee from our trip to La Palma

It was an exciting trip. Starting with the arrival on La Palma, because some colleagues had to make the detour via Tenerife. The airport was closed because of ash. We got to know many sides of La Palma. In some areas we did not even notice the volcano, did not see it, did not feel […]

Installation & volcano sightseeing

Nine AQ Guard Smart are now installed on the island to measure the air quality. We can see the results in time via our data platform MyAtmosphere. Sometimes we are closer to the volcano, sometimes further away. By car we drive over the island, see the smoking volcano, and the large field of lava. Today […]

First Palas employees have arrived

Now we can start with the installation of an air quality measurement network in and around the danger zone on the island. The installation of the measuring devices will take two days until they are online. Then the precise measurement data can be transmitted and visualized via the MyAtmosphere data platform. Our aim is to […]

Labeled, packed and ready for use!

The last pictures from Germany – today our valuable freight is going to La Palma. But before that, however, we still had to label our devices with MyAtmosphere.